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"I'll play the music...won't you come dance with me?"
- The Commodores

What's happenin'?
The name's Timothy Jamar Brown, but most of my friends call me T.J., so y'all can call me that if you like.
I'm an aspiring artist, finishing up the fourth year of a Fine Arts Major at the University of Western Ontario (up in Canada, y'all), who decided to make a blog to showcase some of the work that I do, and to showcase a few other stuffs and things I find interesting.
Sports, music, video games, art, all that good stuff.......

sometimes, I just have stuff to say.

I'm pretty retro too, so be prepared for many blasts from the past.

Hope I'm funny.
Hope I'm insightful.
Hope I'm entertaining.
Hope you enjoy what you find here.
Hope you learn something.
Hope you have a nice day.

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The Pointer Sisters - Easy Days

Easy Days - The Pointer Sisters (1975)

A real mellow, soothing track. Perfect for a lazy afternoon.

20 notes easy days the pointer sisters steppin' 1975 rhythm and blues soul

I’m not saying the man wasn’t influential or fascinating.

Hell, I’ve got an iPod Touch and iTunes and all that.

But is anyone else bothered by the fact that there’s a Steve Jobs biopic getting a national theatrical release two years after his death, and yet the closest thing we have to a Martin Luther King, Jr. biopic is a television miniseries that came out 35 years ago?